Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I'm maybe pregnant... no positive test yet... just many signs and, the obvious one.

The idea alone, though, has really made me contemplate how things will
change so, so much when another one is around.

Our first one was such... a miracle? A joy? Is there a cliche' that doesn't apply?

How in the world did she go from such a little thing to a walking, talking, independent almost-three-year old?

I'm feeling really emotional about her loss of babyhood... and at the possibility of introducing another whole life to share our time together!

I'm wondering if there are any good books about introducing siblings? Any personal experiences to share?

I have absolutely no attached/gentle parenting friends (boo) and am feeling at a loss for how in the world to cosleep, nurse, etc. with two (Bug is still nursing... although truthfully I would like to at least phase it out some!).We really struggled with Bug to figure things out, and I'm determined to learn from others a bit more this time around!

(Listen to me, I'm such a planner that I'm possibly not even expecting and already trying to create a list and cross it off... ha!)

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