Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Whew! The whirlwind of fall is almost over! October brings my daughter's birthday, my birthday, two sister's birthdays, and Halloween. November is Thanksgiving, and then on to Christmas. They are all fun, but require much work! I'll have to admit that I'm ready for Christmas Eve, not only for the festivities, but because it means that all my work has come to fruition! Here's some glimpses into our lives over the last month.

My little cat on Halloween. Her adamant choice!

At the zoo for the first time, the day before Thanksgiving (the PERFECT time and weather to go)!

Posing for her Christmas shot. This was her favorite. She looks so angelic, but I had to work hard to shoot around and crop out the 10 band-aids that she put on her arms for fun the day before. Ha!

I have also been in full-fledged baby mode. I sorted through and organized baby clothes (looks like the seasons won't match up, but we'll see!), and have been doing some serious decluttering and organizing. It all makes me all the more committed to keeping things as simple as possible around here. It's just too much work to have a bunch of stuff!

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