Sunday, June 20, 2010

Discovering Waldorf: Rhythm

There is energy in this universe.

It sings and it dances. It laughs and it cries. It heals and it hurts.

It's rhythmic.

Morning and night,

Spring, summer, winter, fall

Ocean waves, blowing leaves, singing birds.

Sweeping, baking, and hanging laundry to dry.

It fills those who open to it and give it away.

And it's the strongest in a child, my child.

And I will knit us a blanket with it.

Warm and tight.


  1. What a beautiful verse! It brought me such joy today. And you have a beautiful little girl, she looks so happy.

    I also like discovering new blogs - my list of blogs I follow is getting huge!

    Thank you so much for the info on how you made your tiered stand, I'd love to see some pictures of yours! I think we'll definitely have to make one of our own.

  2. oh she's a little princess. :D:D look at her. She looks so happy. It's good to know the education doesn't oppress your child.