Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hitting My Stride

I've never exactly been conventional.

I love building, putting things together, and creating. I am the one in my house to assemble the grill or fix the toilet.

We co-sleep (yes, on purpose), breastfeed an almost three year old, and believe that kids actually need plenty of love and attention... a focusing of energy that fills them and prepares them to love themselves in the future.

I teach Lamaze and have definite ideas about mainstream birth practices.

I believe in eating food that nourishes, and pretty much ignores the current food pyramid. We're trying to buy more and more organically.

I've recently fallen in love with the Waldorf philosophy of education (or what I know of it!). I love it's combination of structure and rhythm with freedom and creativity!

But, I've recently realized that much of my frustration since entering motherhood is that we're not set up for our lifestyle. I guess we didn't realize it for so long because, where we live, no one does things like we do.

We have a queen bed that we co-sleep in that's still up on its frame, and always has been. It's been so uncomfortable for us at night that my husband sleeps most nights in another room. We don't really have an area dedicated to learning and creating. We have toys and art supplies that don't really support our philosophy of education.

I think what's most frustrating now is that our investment has been in things that don't support our lifestyle. Plastic, worthless toys that our daughter almost never plays with. Dedication of space to things that aren't really important to us, mainly just because I wanted them to look "nice" and "conventional" to guests... which is just silly.

So, the next two months are going to be about centering, focusing, and reorganizing for our little family.

My first step will be reorganizing our bedrooms.

What once was: 1. master bedroom 2. guest/toy room 3. office

Now will be: 1. sleeping room 2. real play room 3. reading room

I think we can start this with almost no money spent! Now, if I can only find a Bamboletta doll on ebay for $20 :).

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  1. hi kendra! another kendra here! you can make your own doll, i bet, as handy as you are! i have a little tutorial on my blog on how to do it with old socks (so no risk or investment!). best to you!