Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekly Rhythms

"What day is today, Bug?" I asked my sweet little girl.

"Tasty Tuesday!" she replied, "and we're going to make bread and butter today!"

This is our first week using a weekly rhythm and I am astonished at how well it is going!

We made a rain stick with materials we had at home and just ate a lunch of fruit smoothies and homemade bread and butter.

My little two-year-old bug can already tell me the days of the week, and she's really enjoyed the simple projects we've done.

Here's our rhythms for each day:

Music Monday: Make instruments/play guitar/sing/dance

Tasty Tuesday: Cook something child friendly

We-Create Wednesday: Art or craft project

Things to Know Thursday: More focused learning project (ABC's, etc.)

Freestyle Friday: Field trip or random fun project. This may change to "farm friday" if I can make contact with an organic farm to go pick some produce each week (we live in a very rural area).

We haven't gotten to the weekend yet, but will eventually add to those days as well. I love, love, love having a flexible plan for the day!

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  1. This sounds like great rhythm/routine! To answer your question about toys that you asked on my blog--- I would say the most popular toys in our house are Playsilks, waldorf dolls, play kitchen, play food and all kinds of blocks. It takes time to build up a good supply of natural toys, because of the cost it moves slowly. But over the years, birthdays and holidays it will all add up! Good luck on finding the Bamboletta of your dreams!