Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swimming with the Snakes

Yesterday was oneofthosedays...

Bug was fussy from the start (that's what happens when you don't fall asleep until 10 p.m. and wake up by 5:30 a.m.).

Then, a thunderstorm came and blew a large branch right on top... right on top of the one 8 foot by 8 foot section of my yard that has been lovingly and carefully tended (not to mention hundreds of dollars poured into), my bountiful square foot garden.

I happened to see it, and it literally sucked the breath out of me, I was so shocked.

I should have taken a pic with the branch on top, but didn't because I was so desperate to see the damage.

It's hard to tell how much will survive.

Before it fell, I had started moving mattresses and bed frames to create the "great co-sleeping room of 2010." For some reason, the branch made me all more determined to finish.

As I was pulling out a bed slat, it caught and then suddenly released.... taking a huge part of my thumb and slicing my fingernail in half.


I didn't need stitches or anything, but it hurts.

And, I completely understand the need for opposable thumb.

Truthfully, it's been on of those... weeks? months?

House has rotting wood... at least $1000 repair. Recliner broke (now just a chair), nice couch just caved in on one side, toilet screws corroded and leaking on floor and under toilet (slowly).

I know none of these are tragedies, but it has been like water torture around here.

And how did I end the day? I went here and got some white habotai silk scarves to dye with Kool Aid. Thanks so much to Childhood Magic for the great idea.

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